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Two years ago I was the biggest I’d ever been didn’t know why. I was diagnosed with diabetes.  I sat in the parking lot for 3 hours wondering what has happened.  Divorced, brother had passed and the job was all horrible.  I had lost 100 pounds a year ago. Then tore my knee up. Sidelined again. Start putting the weight back on. Saw a video of this guy totally ripped. Followed him on IG. I started using the Tuff and the ballistic.  I was still not losing as I wanted. Depression was kicking my butt. I sent Donnie a picture of how I looked. I would never show anyone that. He replied back. He said we are going to get you dialed in. Since then he has given me a meal plan and a book to help. He checks up on me on the regular.  I know his time is valuable and I wanted to give him something.  He wouldn’t let me. He just wanted to see me succeed.  I’ve lost a lot of fat and put on a lot of muscle. I’m almost 50. The doctor said last month I’ve turned that diagnosis around. I no longer have diabetes! I feel freaking great. This 60-day challenge is just what I needed. I look forward to meeting Donnie. This man has the biggest heart. He cares…. Thanks, Donnie for everything.  I’m drinking the Kool-Aid.  Don’t hesitate. Listen to the man. He will get you where you want to be. But as he tells me “enjoy the process, as long as your moving forward” #redy4life #redyforanything

Walter Carmickle

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